• Lead free ASTM uPVC-solvent weld system • Non-Toxic
• Strong and light weight UV resistant • Cost effective

AVAILABLE SIZE: • SCH 40 : ½” (15 mm) to 12” (300 mm) IPS
• SCH 80: ½” (15 mm) to 12” (300 mm) IPS

Astral Aquarius UPVC

ASTRAL Aquarius ASTM uPVC pipes and fittings are Lead Free and hence non toxic, easy to install and are made for life time trouble free service.



   LEAD FREE : ASTRAL Aquarius uPVC pipes being lead free so are non-toxic and hence favoured for use in applications such as potable water pipes.

•   SOLVENT CEMENT WELDING : Solvent Cement welding is most reliable and proven joining system for 100% leakproof plumbing. Tools required are very simple and inexpensive (pipe cutter and chamfering tool only). It saves labour cost compared to GI and copper plumbing and saves on investment of electrical equipments for electro fusion welding of other polymers.

•   MORE PRESSURE BEARING CAPACITY : ASTRAL Aquarius uPVC solvent joint plumbing system makes its pressure bearing capacity twice than that of the threaded  pipe.

U.V. Acts as a strong catalyst for the oxidation process which breaks down the polymer chains, leading weakness in the pipes and fittings and do loss of hydrostatic strength. Above effect is very much common with materials like PP and PE.

•   SAFE FOR POTABLE WATER : ASTRAL Aquarius uPVC pipes are made from Lead Free and non toxic raw material. ASTRAL Aquarius uPVC pipes are always safe for potable water.



Strong and light weight   Low friction loss   Non toxic   Good insulator   International quality   Versatile   Cost effective   Durable   Easy to join   Immunity to galvanic or electrolytic attack   Wide range & suitability


   SCH 40   :   ½” (15 mm) to 12” (300 mm) IPS
   SCH 80   :   ½” (15 mm) to 12” (300 mm) IPS
As per ASTM D1785, D2466, D2467



Ring lines / Down take lines   Swimming pools   Salt water lines   Sugar and paper industries   Pipes for hand pumps   Industrial process lines   Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation   Dye plants, chrome, zinc plating and tanning plants   Coal washing and ash handling