• Light weight & strong • Cost saving
• Longer service life • Easy to install
• Reduction in noise level

: • 110 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 250mm & 315mm

Astral Foam Core

ASTRAL Foamcore pipes are basically multilayer pipes having outer and inner layers of conventional PVC and middle layer of foamed PVC. Outer and inner layers are designed to take the load and middle layer of foamed PVC gives rigidity and maintains the shape of the pipe under load. It reduces total weight of pipe and makes it light when compared to solid wall PVC pipes.



ASTRAL Ringfit and Selfit Foamcore pipes are available in 110 mm to 315 mm with different stiffness classes mainly categorised as SN2, SN4 & SN8. SN2 pipes are recommended for above ground applications while SN4 & SN8 pipes are recommended for below ground applications depending on the level at which these pipes have to be installed.


ASTRAL Foamcore pipes are manufactured as per European and International standards published under structure wall pipes for drainage and sewerage and are mainly based on stiffness classes. These specifications are very well adopted at global levels and are in used for more than 25 years.


   Light Weight & Strong

   Wide Range & Compatibility With All Drainage And
Sewerage Products

   Easy To Install



•   LONGER SERVICE LIFE : Due to the load absorbing capacity of middle layer of foamed PVC, ASTRAL Foamcore pipes become ”Stress Free” under operational conditions. This lead to longer service life than conventional PVC or Cast Iron pipes.

   Cost Saving

   Chemical And Corrosion Resistance

   Non-toxicity, Non Conductor

   Non Flammable And Environmental Friendliness

   NOISE FREE : Due to the middle layer of foamed PVC, ASTRAL Foamcore pipes have very good insulating properties which act to reduce the noise generated by transportation of fluid inside the pipe. This will be very much beneficial in large buildings.  


  110 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm & 315 mm with stiffness class SN2, SN4 & SN8.



    Site Fittings not available.!


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