Leakage Elimination • Light Weight & Strong • Reduction In Noise Level
• High Flow Rates • Flammability • High Impact Strength • UV Stabilized
• High Temperature Range • Non Conductive • Corrosion Resistance
• Longer Service Life • Cost Savings- Environmental Impact

: • 75 mm, 110 mm, 160 mm

Astral DWV

ASTRAL DWV systems comprises of uPVC foam core pipes and uPVC click ring type fittings. Both the products are new and unique in nature when compared with traditional products available in market.


DWV Foamcore pipes are basically multilayer pipes having outer and inner layers of conventional PVC and middle layer of foamed PVC. Outer and inner layers are designed to take the load while middle layer of foamed PVC gives rigidity and maintains the shape of the pipe under load. It reduces total weight of pipe and makes it light when compared to solid wall PVC pipes.



ASTRAL DWV pipes and fittings are intended for use above and below ground including exposure to direct sunlight and are manufactured as per requirements given in most widely used Europeon & International standards for drainage & sewerage.


ASTRAL DWV pipes and fittings are manufactured in dark grey colour in a semi gloss finish which is opaque and flawless.  All DWV pipes and fittings are marked with Batch No. / Lot No. which includes the month / year of manufacture.  applications. The pipes and fittings are inteded for non pressure drain, waste & vent applications and have been independently accessed and recognised as quality products.



Click ring fittings are unique in nature having one rubber ring and one additional ring known as ”Click ring” which is fitted over the specially designed socket geometry of ASTRAL DWV sewer & drain fittings. This ”Click ring” ensures the locking of rubber ring within the groove of fittings. The rubber rings are also specially designed having unique geometry and PP cord inside which provides the proper locking to rubber ring and also stiffness against the force of Click ring when fitted over the drain fittings.



Light Weight & Strong

Reduction In Noise Level

High Impact Strength

High Temperature Range

Leakage Elimination

High Flow Rates

Longer Service Life

Cost Savings


75 mm, 110 mm, 160 mm with stiffness class SN2, SN4 and SN8


    Site Pipes not available.!


    Site Fittings not available.!


    Site Adhesives not available.!