• Metal & lead free Astral Column pipes for submersible pumps with stud pin lock system (applied for product patent)
• 1" - V4 (12.5 Kg/cm2), Medium & Standard 
• 1¼”, 1½” - V4 (12.5 Kg/cm2), Medium, Standard and Heavy 
• 2", 2½”, 3" & 4" - Medium, Standard, Heavy and Super Heavy

Astral Borewell Column Pipe

Astral Borewell Column Pipe

ASTRAL® is proud to introduce First Time in Indian Market “Lead Free” and “Heavy Metal free” uPVC Borewell Column pipes in Indian Market which is 100% safe for drinking water application. In other term, ASTRAL Borewell Column® Pipes keep the water clean from the source itself and not contributing to any toxicity to the water.


ASTRAL Borewell Column® Pipes are available in 1” (33 mm OD) to 4” (114 mm OD) with different class like V4-12.5 Kg,Medium, Standard, Heavy and Super Heavy with all standard accessories like Top-Bottom Adapters Sets, PumpGuards, Lowering Jigs etc.


As the full line manufacturer of CPVC & uPVC piping system for residential and industrial applications, ASTRAL® can be your one stop source for all the plastic piping required for lifetime piping solutions.




ASTRAL Borewell Column® Pipes have been developed as a result of ASTRAL's constant endeavor to develop superior yeteconomical piping solution for submersible pumps. The compound has been developed at ASTRAL's R & D lab after many trials and constant research with the help of Japanese technology. ASTRAL's expertise in introducing better compound in Indian Market, comes true yet another time with introducing completely Eco Friendly – lead and heavy metal free – Borewell Column pipes.


The raw material such developed is processed in state of the art machines which contribute to highest pipe quality with most accurate dimensions. Then Pipes will be threaded in very high tech CNC machines which are very essential for performance of Borewell Column pipes. The thread geometry is such designed that it will give highest strength against vertical Borewell Column load as well as pressure developed due to pump operation.